Kverneland 53100 MT Vario

Race Car Technology for Mower Conditioners!

The all-new Kverneland 53100 MT Vario delivers an outstanding performance with its completely new suspension concept, 10.20 m working width and hydraulic adjustment of working width and overlap. Kverneland 53100 MT Vario is fitted with the new Kverneland suspension concept called QuattroLink. The mowing unit is pulled by four suspension arms fitted onto a fixed carrying arm that allows the mowing unit to float independently over the field, adjusting highly accurately and instantly to any changes in ground contours.

Kverneland 53100 MT Vario


Full Width BreakBack

Our NonStop BreakBack system just got even better. With the new QuattroLink suspension this system now offers protection across the full working width of the mower, including the part closest to the tractor. There are no limiting factors on the inside part of the mower, giving the driver true peace of mind. When hitting an obstacle in the field, the mowing unit will instantly move backwards and up, and then return to the original position.


Efficient Headland Management 53100 MT

The Kverneland 53100 MT Vario provide generous clearance across the complete cutterbar, including the inside area. When lifting the mower on headlands, the mowing unit is raised and the carrying arm is tilted to a 10° angle. This provides the Kverneland 53100 MT Vario with a level ground clearance of minimum 500mm across the full working width. When lowing the mowing unit the carrying arm is lowered evenly without one side touching the ground before the rest of the mower, avoiding unnecessary stress and wear on the mower.


Vario - Suspension Arm

Hydraulic Adjustment of Overlap

Kverneland 3336 MT Vario and 53100 MT Vario are fitted with hydraulic SideShift integrated into the carrying arm allowing each mowing units to move 400mm. To easily compensate for changing field conditions, the adjustable overlap is designed as a telescopic arm, directly into the suspension.

Ground Pressure Remains Constant

During mowing operation the carrying arm always remains even to the ground, giving the mowing unit the freedom to instantly compensate and float across uneven ground contours. The true benefit of the suspension concept is that even though overlap is changed, the chosen ground pressure remains the same.


Transport and Storage 53100 MT Vario

Compact During Transport

The mower folds hydraulically for transport and the telescoping frame arm moves to lowest overlap position, to reach a transport height of only 3.90m. And there is no need to leave the tractor before heading off, the outer FlexProtect protection guard hydraulically folds into transport position.

Parking, Safe and Sure-Footed

With the integrated parking device, storage of the Kverneland 53100 MT Vario is made easy and convenient, requiring a minimum of space during winter storage. The mower is firmly parked on strong and stable parking foot.


Cutterbar with Round Discs
  • Kverneland uses round discs. Round discs are less susceptible to stone impact, and reduce shock loads in the transmission.
  • Stones are expelled immediately, before they have any chance of becoming jammed. The benefits are lower repair and maintenance costs - at the same time as a clean and aggressive cut.
  • The cutterbar has a high oil capacity, ensuring a very low working temperature. This ensures an efficient oil cooling and lubrication of the entire cutterbar.
  • The long curved gear wheels running in oil provides a very quiet and reliable power transmission.
  • The fully welded cutterbar gives a very stiff and strong design for high durability.
  • With the ProFit quick knife change system, maintenance of the cutting ability is easy. The knives are changed by one simple operation using the special lever.
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Working Width

Number of Discs


Power Requirements

53100 MT Vario


2 x 9 discs

SemiSwing Steel Tine Conditioner