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Efficient mowing solutions with smart capabilities


Kverneland 53100, with an optional choice of included BX belt, is the widest mower conditioner in the...

The Kverneland Exacta TL keeps ahead of the cows


With fert applied at "just the right time”, keeping good grass ahead of the cows has just become a whole lot easier for Hamish Wyllie. He attributes this to his new Kverneland ExactaTL fertiliser spreader.

Sprayers offer advanced crop protection


Kverneland is set to expand its product offering, with the addition of a full range of mounted and trailed sprayers being rolled out over the coming months. This includes link-age-mounted iXter A and iXter B models, with additional capacity offered alongside the option of the 1,100-litre iXtra front tank. There is also an extensive line-up of iXtrack trailed models comprising T3, T4 and T6 versions.

Cultivation means Kverneland at Springdale Farming LTD


Previously Bill farmed in Lincolnshire, England, where abrasive soils and heavy wear on his plough parts eventually led him to a Kverneland plough. “We were getting through plough parts faster than we would have liked and didn’t realise that a different brand of plough might offer a harder wearing solution. Talking to farmer friends we realised Kverneland seemed to have far harder steel in their products. I bought a 5 furrow Kverneland LD 100 reversible and those parts stood the test of time! Our ploughman of many years said, “Bill, now we have got a plough!”