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Efficient mowing solutions with smart capabilities


Kverneland 53100, with an optional choice of included BX belt, is the widest mower conditioner in the range and is packed with smart features, making the working day a whole lot more comfortable, easy and productive.

Did you know that:

  1. … you can adjust the overlap and working width directly from the terminal on the go?
  2. … you can change the cutting height with the terminal as well, when you have the hydraulic top link connected?
  3. … you can also control the front unit directly from the terminal?
  4. … the Kverneland 53100 has headland control, even for triangle shaped fields, as standard?
  5. … the boost-functionality on the BX-version results in clean and even swaths in headland?
  6. … the ground pressure always stays constant, even if you change the working width / overlap via your terminal?

The 53100 can also be controlled with an ISOBUS-joystick to make the mowing job even more comfortable.

The IsoMatch Grip is a fully ISOBUS-joystick that can be programmed to your exact personal preference.

Every individual function of the mower (lifting of individual units, setting of cutting height, ground pressure, overlap, belt control etc.), can be assigned to a dedicated button on your IsoMatch Grip, so you are always in full control.


More info about these products

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Do you know what the SpotSpray Application can do for you? 

Increase the environmental protection by only spray when it is needed with the SpotSpray Application within the iXspray software on the IsoMatch Tellus terminal in combination with the Kverneland sprayer.

The SpotSpray Application is based on prescription maps with zero application rates. Based on a predefined prescription map, that can be made in a similar way as the Variable Rate Application (VRA) prescription maps, the sprayer shuts on and off. This is done based on the predefined sections in the control terminal and can even be done with normal section valves on the sprayer. Only designated spots are sprayed, which is particularly helpful when targeting weed spots, thistles, wet areas, non-germinated areas and areas with soil problems.

With a relatively small investment in the SpotSpray license on the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, the return on investment is high, due to saving time and money. With this, spot spraying becomes accessible for all farmers and contractors.


 >  View our Farmer Experience using SpotSpray below.


Throwback to celebrating 10 years of Precision Farming 

Around this time last year, we celebrated 10 years of Precision Farming with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL. New technologies are being developed daily and things are changing quickly, but sometimes it's good to sit back and look at where you came from. In the video below which we launched together with our 10 years of Precision Farming campaign, you can see how IsoMatch GEOCONTROL developed over the years. We are excited for what is to come in the future and cannot wait for the moment we are able to tell you everything we have planned.


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Did you know that on our YouTube you can find various videos, ranging from product videos to how-to videos to farmer experiences? It is frequently updated with our latest content so that you can stay up to date on everything happening in our Kverneland world. You can also find playlists that make it easy for you to look through several videos in one go.   


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