Greater Efficiency, Durability and Flexibility


The new One-Pass 4m Kverneland U-Drill - Drilling Efficiency and Versatility in a Smaller Package.

Power Farming is pleased to announce the arrival of the 4m Kverneland U-Drill, and the availability of the 4m U-Drill+. Their decision follows impressive performances of the 6m machines currently working in some of New Zealand’s toughest conditions.

John Chapman, Power Farming’s Cultivation Specialist commented, “The U-Drill’s efficiency is derived from its ability to perform a number of operations in a single pass. It prepares the seed bed, consolidates it, drills it and then firms the soil around the seed, ensuring perfect seed to soil contact for fast germination.”

 By performing the following operations in sequence the 4m U-Drill achieves a total seeding operation in one pass.

  • The front tyre packer breaks any clods firming and levelling the soil, enabling the precise accuracy of depth control of the following cultivation unit.
  • Two rows of independently suspended discs follow directly behind the front packer to produce a fine and evenly cultivated soil profile over the entire working width.
  • A second tyre packer roller consolidates the soil in front of the seeding coulters, leaving the optimum seedbed, ensuring accurate depth and placement of the seed.
  • 32 narrow profile seeding coulters follow with a maximum coulter pressure of up to 100kg. They have an additional press wheel that provides uniform depth control.
  • S shaped seed harrows provide the final covering of the seed.

This one pass operation, from seed bed preparation to final seed covering can be achieved at speeds of up to 15kph if conditions allow.

The 4 m U-Drill has all of the features and abilities of its big brother. Kverneland has used state of the art technology to provide perfect seed placement from its pneumatic seed drills. The ELDOS system, is an electrically driven metering device, steered by Kverneland's e-com software and is fully ISOBUS compatible.

Application rates can be selected between 1kg/ha and 950kg/ha, and is dependent on speed.

By using automatic section control, the metering device stops and starts automatically ensuring no overlaps and further efficiency. Special sensors ensure complete function control from the tractor cab.

In fact all of the important settings can be controlled from the in-cab display, from simple calibration to adjustments in the field.  With seeding depth, coulter pressure and automatic headland management being adjustable, on the go, the U-Drill provides easy operation, comfort and error free application.

The U-drill is available as a standard drill or as a seed and fertiliser version, the U-Drill +. Both are lightweight yet robust with a hopper capacity of 3000L.

The hopper of the U-Drill + is divided lengthways with the proportions being 40:60. Each hopper has a dedicated meter. The + version provides a choice of fertiliser placement of either between the rows or alongside the seed.

The New Zealand standard specification uses 12.5cm row spacing with 32 coulters. There is also an option of 16cm row spacing with 24 coulters.

Kverneland has ensured that the 4m U-Drill is an easy to operate, easy to maintain, one pass drill. To see it in action contact your local Power Farming Dealership or contact Power Farming directly at www.powerfarming.co.nz