Kverneland Monopill S / Monopill e-drive II

Precise Seed Placement and Singulation

The MONOPILL S with mechanical and MONOPILL e-drive II with electrical drive are designed for professional precision drilling of beet, rape and chicory. With the Monopill, the peripheral speed of the seed disc matches exactly the forward speed of the machine; therefore the seed has “zero speed effect” which eliminates seed bounce.

Even under the most difficult conditions the parallelogram mounting of the Monopill S & e-drive II sowing unit guarantees precise depth control.

The rigid end tow toolbars are available in working widths of 3m, 6m, 9m and 12 m. The convenient and time saving parallel hydraulic folding is available in 6 m and 9m working width. The transport width of all MONOPILL S & e-drive II models is a maximum of 3m

KV_monopill e-drive II_010.jpg


Frame Monopill
  • The rigid end-tow toolbars are available in working widths of 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m.
  • The convenient and time saving parallel hydraulic folding is available in 6 m and 9 m toolbar versions.
  • The transport width of all Monopill S & e-drive II models is a maximum of 3 metres. 
  • The optional pre-emergence markers assist first spraying operations before seed emergence.

KV_monopill s_001.jpg

Sowing Elements Monopill

The sowing units – like the whole machine – are modular in design

  • The basic element always remains the same and the equipment can be varied according to individual requirements.
  • For mulch seeding, the front Farmflex wheel is simply replaced with a double cutting disc equipped with side zero pressure tyres. The trailing coulter draws a clean seed furrow for precise seed placement.
  • The MONOPILL can also be used for sowing rape and chicory, this allows for the extended use of the machine, earning an improved pay back of the machine cost.
  • Precision-drilled rape is generally sown in row widths of 45cm. This row distance allows the use of mechanical seeding machines. Down the row spacing will vary depending on location and variety between 5 and 8 cm.

Monopill e_drive II seeding row

Seeding Heart
  • The seed disc is rotating through the second patented seed chamber
  • The disc picks only one seed at a time, additional seeds are wiped off
  • Due to the centrifugal force, the seed remains in the seed cell throughout its rotation
  • With the seeding heart positioned deep inside the seeding coulter, the seed drop height is only 3cm
  •  The lowest drop height on the market, plus zero speed effect sowing provide precise placement for both mechanical and electric drive Monopill S

KV_monopill s_004.jpg

Electric Drive
  • Electric drive with control directly from the tractor cab using ISOBUS technology.
  • The seeding heart is driven directly by a variable speed electric gear motor. There are no mechanical drive parts.
  • Infinite adjustment of sowing distances from 12.5 to 25cm, optimising seed populations to soil type with the same field from the tractor cab.
  • Multi-choice integrated tramlining and pre-emergence marking systems (optional).
  • Ability to increase plant populatioon in rows adjacent to the tramlines
  • Individual sowing units can be switched off.
  • Opto-electronic control for seed counting.


Micro-Granule Applicator
  • Most models of the MONOPILL S & e-drive II can be equipped with micro-granule applicator. The hoppers, made from special grade plastics, have a capacity of 35 litres. The hoppers are mounted according to the working width with 2 or 3 outlets per unit.
  • Metering wheels of different sizes and materials are available to suit the application requirements of most types of microgranule.
  • The micro-granule applicator is mechanically driven via the land wheel drive of the MONOPILL S & e-drive II.

Monopill Microgranule applicator



Working width

Row width


Monopill 6 row rigid




Monopill 12 row rigid




Monopill 18 row rigid




Monopill 24 row rigid




Monopill 12 row PH




Monopill 18 row PH