Optima Rigid


Optima Rigid


The Optima is the universal precision drill for maize, sunflowers, field beans, unpelleted beet, pelleted beet, dwarf beans, soya beans, peas, and many other types of seed. It can be used for a whole diversity of applications and offers greater capacity through increased working widths. All rigid Optima frames can be equipped with either mechanical or electric drive - also normal seeding, Tandem and HD-II rows are available. The Optima can be combined with an optional fertiliser spreader, front hopper or microgranule spreader. 

The combination of the iXtra LiFe with this Optima precision drill allows the application of liquid fertiliser during seeding. For more information, please see iXtra LiFe.



  • Stable parallelogram
  • All parallelogram pivot points with maintenance-free bonded bushes
  • All press wheels with maintenance free ball bearings
  • Chill cast coulters with quick release clamping to the coulter housing
  • Module sowing units: The basic element always remains the same and the equipment can be varied according to individual requirements.
  • Easy exchange of various coulters and press wheels  depending on seed type and soil conditions.
  • Patented seeding heart without seals
  • ISOBUS intelligence



Optima rigid        
Working width 3 4.5 6 9.3
Number of rows 4 - 8 6 - 10 8 - 12 12 - 18
HD-II row x x x x
Standard row x x x x
Tandem row x x x x
e-drive II / GEOSEED® x x - -
Mechanical drive x x x x
Mounted fertiliser x x - -
DF1/DF2 x x x x
Microgranule applicator x x x x