Powerful and efficient performance - that is what the Turbo offers. The machine can operate at high forward speeds whilst maintaining a consistent working depth. With the Turbo, Kverneland provides a cultivator which is the right choice for all seasons, all kinds of conditions and for a wide field of applications.
Turbo T: 2 trailed models in 6.50m and 8.00m - up to 450hp

In fact, the Turbo range is dedicated to the following seasonal jobs:

In spring:

• Opening the soil after frost or winter rainfalls, enhancing the air flow for quicker warming up
• Seedbed preparation in front of spring seeding, for example, maize crops that need deeper cultivation for a good root development


In the summer :

• Stubble cultivation right after harvest
• Second or third pass to destroy weeds and volunteers saving herbicide


In the autumn:

• Preparing the soil for a fine crumbled seedbed able to enhance germination even for fine seeds like rape, grass etc.
The Turbo is a versatile cultivator to carry out cultivation from 3cm to 20cm.


  • Complete cutting
  • Perfect mixing & levelling
  • Low pulling force needed
  • Wide range of rollers
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Versatile from shallow to medium
  • Large performance at high speed
  • Stone protection


ModelFrameNo. of tinesNo. of tine rowsWorking width / transport width (m)
Turbo 6500T trailed fold 33 5 6.18 / 3.00
Turbo 8000T trailed fold 41 5 7.68 / 3.00